ONE ENVIRONMENT is an environmental hybrid movement that integrates education, advocacy, activism to promote environmental harmony and sustainability. One Environment is organized by the Environmental Art Collective Foundation (ENACOF), a non-for-profit policy direction institution on Environmental sustainability based in Nigeria, Africa. With affiliates from many countries and organisations around the world, using art and innovation to tackle the myriad  of environmental abuses, and inspire solutions toward a secure healthy environment.  Through art exhibitions, community based outreach programs, mentoring and sustainable action implements, ENACOF has impacted and demonstrated the actionable character of environmental sustainability.

ONE ENVIRONMENT aims to bring together environmental experts and enthusiasts to dialogue and articulate ideas that promote sustainability and organic contents, to help in advancing policy framework and direct public attention to mitigation and adaptation, attaining the objectives of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), and implementation of United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

In a world choking with environmental degradation, it becomes a matter of survival and simple logic to help preserve and leave behind a better world. In bringing together people from every sphere of life to synthesis ideas toward a better living, One Environment contributes to the campaign on Clean Environment.  Working through these elements, we have manifested our commitment to partner and collaborate on environmental challenges:

  • Education: Going to schools and organising informal education centres to engage students on environmental education, planting the right information for a sustainable future
  • Advocacy: Promoting right environmental orientation, exposing the public to the benefits and merits of sustainability while identifying the ills and crime of environmental abuses
  • Activism: Contributing to the collective energy of activists around the world, strengthening community based initiatives like planting of trees, organizing waste to wealth skill transfer workshops, cleaning up of communities and establishing waste disposal and recycling infrastructure

One Environment has its name from the truth that the world is one, and have only one environment. If the rest of the world is able to manage their environmental resources positively,  and a small part of the world struggles to maintain their own resources, it will ultimately affect the rest of the world, relating to the saying that one bad apple spoils the bunch. The template One Environment operates on is that everyone has a stake and must all join hands to secure our collective future.

In the one-year operational age of One Environment, and in partnership with our supporters and affiliates, we have covered topics on Food security in Africa Food, Sustainable Approaches for meeting Climate Change Impacts, Solid Waste and recycling: burning solid waste and air quality control, trees our greatest allies against climate change, Energy efficiency on community scale, Green entrepreneurship and empowerment. Art workshop: One Environment, make the best out of Junk. Presently, One Environment will during the One Environment Hybrid & EU Climate Diplomacy Week 2017, launch the Cow Dung building, cooking and furniture making.